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Patent Marking Weblinks

A simple and reliable way to notify the world* of your patents.  

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* While to the best of our knowledge, United Kingdom and the United States permit virtual marking, other jurisdictions in the world may not. Requirements such as language, syntax and logging, might also differ among different jurisdictions. Please seek legal advice in the jurisdictions of your interest.

  • Cloud-based publishing rated for 99.9% availability.

  • Every version of each page is preserved with timestamps.

  • All is useful as evidence for continual and consistent marking. For example, see article "Virtual Marking: Guidance on Doing it Right".



Receive a weblink to a list of patent applications and issued patents


Associate or label your products and services with the weblink

You provide a list of one or more patent application or issued patent numbers, and receive a unique weblink to a list of these numbers and their statuses.

With the unique weblink, you may identify or mark products and services that are protected or covered by each of the patent applications or issued patents on the list, for example,

pat.:<unique id to your page>


When there is a status change, update the list, not your products or services.  

You may add or remove patent applications and issued patents from the list associated with the weblink, and update the status of each application or patent on the list.


A subscription begins at US$99.99/year. Bulk rates available. Interested in weblinks with your own domain name? We can help too.  

Ready for subscription? Any questions? Please drop us a message.

Thanks! Will get back to you soon.

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